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Congratulations Giants

Well, we can’t take credit for the first Championship. Onyx merely provided 5000 pounds of orange colored, confetti (in under 12 hours) so that the City and the team could enjoy a parade befitting of kings, with all the fixings!

And, we can’t take credit for the 2012 victory either, as the comeback kids probably didn’t hear our shouts and roars any loader than other fans. ¬†Although they tasted our Champagne, drinking from Onyx’s custom branded World Series Champagne bottles that were popped a plenty – and given away as tokens of the special memory.

But now that the third Giants Championship trophy in 5 years has been raised, and 100’s of thousands of Onyx’s orange rally rags have again energized fans and propelled the team to victory, we must raise the question and point to the obvious! Since Onyx has worked with the Giants (for the last 6 years), the team has won 3 Championships, compared to zero in the 51 years prior.