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Thanks Google! We had a sweet time.

Onyx exhibited at the Google Vendor Fair in Sunnyvale last week.

It was a fantastic event, and Googlers were able to:

– Put their hands on promotional products
– Try on new 2020 apparel styles from North Face, Nike, New Era, etc.

– Ask questions about Onyx’s capabilities
– Share details re: upcoming projects

Let us know if you want Onyx to showcase @ your HQ?
Cotton Candy included!!! 🙂

Congratulations To Our Superstars!

CONGRATULATIONS to these 2 Onyx superstars for receiving their C.A.S. accreditation, with over 100+ hours of promotional products industry course work completed. And to top it all of…they passed the test!

The CAS accreditation is an industry benchmark; it demonstrates industry knowledge across our marketplace. It shows a dedication to high standards and establishes credibility amongst colleagues, clients, employers, and peers. Its a BIG DEAL!!

We are very proud of this accomplishment. Chris and Morgan, we appreciate the meaningful contribution that both of you make to Onyx and the difference that your skills and passion bring to Onyx’s customers on a daily basis.

Alation’s Spring launch! 

Quality custom socks produced & delivered in less than 2 weeks

In keeping with Alation’s NASA space theme & the gumption to target and accomplish the impossible, Onyx was asked to deliver custom, space themed, compression socks in less than two weeks for an EVENT!  Working closely with our “we can do anything” minded business partner and buyer, Dave Stevens, Onyx set to work…and we made it happen. In fact, we delivered a day early! The bulk of the socks shipped from our Turkish manufacturer direct to 2 different events in Orlando and Boston, and the remainder of the product has been warehoused and will drop-ship to future, national events.

Socks are popular right now, but Alation’s compressions socks stood out as the best, for quality, function, and consumer response. “We had the idea to make compression socks, a more technical product (and harder to find)…and this differentiator helped us to stand out!” said Dave Stevens. And, perhaps the value of gifting the highest quality was summarized best by an anonymous show attendee who received the socks as a giveaway. “Oh, wait, these are compression socks? I will definitely keep these & give all the other socks that I have collected today to my kids!”

If you have a creative challenge, please give Onyx a call.  And then, it’s up, up, and away!!!

Onyx at “All Things Meetings” San Francisco

Come meet Onyx Worldwide’s Event Marketing expert Tom Spano, with owner Matt David, at the “All Things Meetings” San Francisco.  Stop by the Onyx booth and let’s talk about how Onyx Worldwide can help you with your next event.

Event Link:



What goes around, comes around!

Thank you to all of Onyx‘s clients that placed Godiva chocolate orders this past holiday season. And, thank you to Godiva for recognizing Onyx as one of its best customers for 2018!

‘Tis a day for chocolate….

Is It Too Late For Corporate Holiday Gifts?

If you placed your holiday gift order in the last few months, then this article is not for you. And if you are starting to shop just now, is it even still possible? The answer of course, is yes, and hopefully these Top 10 tips will help to give a meaningful gift that arrives on time, while avoiding some stress.

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The Promise and Risk of IoT Products

We are proud to have Rick Brenner as Onyx’s Product Safety Consultant.  Rick is a driving force behind our industry’s efforts to produce and distribute products that are safe for recipients.   He recently published an article on the emergence of Internet-connected tech products (IoT) and the implications for both innovations, as well as safety.

Read the full article here

Tom Spano, former Head of Event Marketing for Twitter, has joined Onyx.

Tom SpanoTom is a recognized thought-leader in event marketing and social media integration. He will lead Onyx’s social media & e-commerce activities and will also develop & service his own client base.  
Since 2003, Tom Spano has been creating unforgettable moments for some of the biggest brands in the world. With Yahoo!, Twitter, Domino’s Pizza, The NFL, and many more, Tom has been weaving his knowledge of social, experiential, and digital platforms and technologies into the fabric of the B2B and B2C experience. His work has touched 4 continents and over 20 countries.
Tom is a passionate story-teller, both on stage and off, and brings a spark of creative energy to everything he touches. He understands how to build audiences as well as brands. In his spare time he advises tech companies and non-profits, and can usually be found on an airplane or a volleyball court. Onyx is proud to have Tom join our team of branding experts and he is eager to bring his knowledge to you.

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