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Onyx, Inc Partners with Rancho Deluxe Promotions

We are excited to announce the partnership between Onyx, Inc, and Rancho Deluxe Promotions, headquartered in Bozeman, MT. Founder John Weber and Director of Sales Kyle Hogan have joined the Onyx team and will continue to work from their respective sales offices in Bozeman and Las Vegas.

Rancho Deluxe began in 2009, fueled by John’s passion for customer service and creating quality, custom products. John has direct-sourced and managed large volume import projects for clients like Starbucks, Microsoft,, Bass Pro Shops, and many well known apparel companies.

“John and I have known and worked together for almost 20 years, so this feels perfect. I am extremely confident about the cultural fit, which is huge. We are like-minded in our business priorities and our goals, so this is a win-win for us and Rancho’s customers” stated Matt David, President of Onyx.

The partnership provides Rancho Deluxe with additional administrative support and new programs to offer its current customers. In addition to its Promotional Products expertise, Onyx has an Incentive Program Division, a Company Store specialty with Global Shipping capabilities, and offers unique employee benefit programs, as well. Both parties anticipate new opportunities that will accelerate growth, as a result.

Onyx crafts puzzling promotion for Google engineers

Matt David, President of Onyx Worldwide, was interviewed for PPAI Publications, on the challenges of building a game for Google.

How do you outsmart a smartie? This was the challenge presented to Sausalito, California, distributor Onyx Worldwide (UPIC: onyxupic). Known for its brilliant employees, Google requested a unique promotion to challenge and entertain its engineers. “With a group that’s on the cutting edge of technology, impressing an engineer isn’t easy,” says Matt David, owner and president of Onyx….

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Onyx featured in Advantages Magazine

Matt David, President of Onyx Worldwide, is interviewed in the June edition of Advantages Magazine.  The article, titled “Adversity to Advantage” features case studies in turning challenges into opportunities to foster relationships with clients.

Ensuring our clients are thrilled is our top priority, and doing whatever it takes to make that happen is the foundation for our continued success.

Onyx is featured on the second page of the article, under the heading “Make A Client Happy And The Money Follows”.

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Onyx ‘Jazz In The Park’ Event

When:  Friday, June 26th at 6:30 PM
Where: Gabrielson Park Sausalito, CA 94965

Jazz Music, Puerto Rican Cuisine, Wine, & Friends.
After Dinner, we will walk to Bar Bocce to sip and relax.
Looking forward to seeing you!

*Children are welcome.
**Parking can be a challenge, so arrive as early as you like, or take Uber!


Matt David 415-577-9066


Congratulations Giants

Well, we can’t take credit for the first Championship. Onyx merely provided 5000 pounds of orange colored, confetti (in under 12 hours) so that the City and the team could enjoy a parade befitting of kings, with all the fixings!

And, we can’t take credit for the 2012 victory either, as the comeback kids probably didn’t hear our shouts and roars any loader than other fans.  Although they tasted our Champagne, drinking from Onyx’s custom branded World Series Champagne bottles that were popped a plenty – and given away as tokens of the special memory.

But now that the third Giants Championship trophy in 5 years has been raised, and 100’s of thousands of Onyx’s orange rally rags have again energized fans and propelled the team to victory, we must raise the question and point to the obvious! Since Onyx has worked with the Giants (for the last 6 years), the team has won 3 Championships, compared to zero in the 51 years prior.



West Coast Ports Logjam Coming To An End?

For months, almost nine months to be exact, the promotional products industry (along with other business involved with international trade) has experienced delays at West Coast ports. To briefly touch on the importance of these ports (29 in all), the West Coast ports are the United States’ gateway to China. The majority goods that come to the US from China enter somewhere along the West Coast.What used to be an easy clearing process has turned into a logistical nightmare. As the Logistics Manager here at Onyx, I am experiencing a 14 to 17 day delay on goods coming into port excluding customs inspections. Why can’t customs inspect the goods while they are waiting to be offloaded you ask? The answer is simple; the container ships are waiting out at sea, unable to come into port. The picture below will show you what I mean.

Negotiations have been ongoing since last summer between the ILWU (International Longshore and Warehouse Union) and PMA (Pacific Maritime Association), with little progress. It took Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez and Federal Mediator Scot Beckenbaugh to get both sides to reach a tentative agreement this past weekend. If a tentative agreement had not been reached, both sides would have had to continue negotiations in Washington DC under the watch of President Obama and his administration.

Although both sides have only reached a tentative agreement, which is a great sign and shows tremendous progress, the ILWU and PMA are confident that they will be able to close the deal. If for some reason a deal is not reached and negotiations completely fail, President Obama could enact the Taft-Hartley act which would force the ILWU back to work. I personally do not see it coming to that, neither do most observers of the ILWU.

I hope to see a finalized deal coming soon and our ports returning to normal operations. Either way, rest assured that Onyx will be monitoring the situation closely and managing deliveries carefully.


How Many Touches Does It Take to Get A New Client?

When I started cold calling potential clients, I had already read that it may take as many as 7 touches to land a new account.  In my early years, this knowledge helped me to take rejection less personally. It gave me the confidence to keep calling and encouraged me to find creative reasons to call again.  It gave me the energy to show up with coffee or to hop aboard an airplane to introduce myself.  And, having considered the necessity of “multiple touches,” it also gave me hope, as I would pour over lists of opportunities that had yet to blossom.  Had I yet reached 7 touches?  Had I yet been turned down?

After 20 years in sales and marketing, I believe the number of touches it takes to land a new client is generally 2 more than most believe or want it to be, and in my industry, it is usually no fewer than 7. Most sales people stop short of having a new target tell them “NO,” and thus they are far less likely to close a sale before they give up.  It takes a lot to get someone’s attention, and then it takes additional, positive touches to convert them to a new client, as well.

Especially today, where it is hard to connect with prospects on the phone and where all of us are bombarded with digital messages and pitches, I not only believe it essential to “touch” prospects repeatedly, but I also believe it is generally more effective to use “multiple methods” to do so. In this regard, I now have years of case studies and experience using promotional giveaways effectively.

Branded giveaways can introduce a new brand logo or message; compel a passerby to learn more, watch a demo, or try a taste; create repeat touches when a gift is used repeatedly or shared; encourage a sign-up, etc.  As a part of a marketing strategy to touch prospects repeatedly, using promotional products is a powerful means to create memorable impressions and “touches” that will yield results.

For more on this topic, check out this blog by one of our partners, Greg Berardi, CEO of Blue Marlin Partners. Greg included me in this post and quoted nine others about what it takes to get a new client. A good read.

Blue Marlin Partners is a San Francisco-based marketing firm that specializes in PR, social media, content creation, website optimization and lead development.

Onyx, Connecting People To Your Brand.™

It is said that the 2 most important days in one’s life are: the day that you are born & the day that you discover your higher purpose.  And, as this relates to the life of Onyx (born February 14, 2001), you have to look no further than our tagline to find our higher purpose.

For a brand marketing company like Onyx, with a wide range of tools to help its clients promote themselves, our tagline provides clarity of purpose for our clients AND staff, as well as offers the raison d’etre to provide best-in-class service.  No matter if we are designing custom apparel, shipping branded merchandise to international events, delivering coupon code calendars to a client for giveaway, or manufacturing a creative “gift with purchase” item, we are passionate about helping our clients to deliver memorable connections.  We are “Connecting People To Your Brand,” and we are honored to provide this meaningful service.

So, THANK YOU for choosing to be a part of the Onyx family.  We heart you, too. We wake up with the passion to be connected to you & to support you.  And, after 13 years, we are still proud to be “Connecting People To Your Brand.”

Twelve Years Later. So what’s in our name??

Let’s celebrate! Great things come in dozens; donuts, golf balls, eggs, 12-packs of beer. And for a dozen years, it’s been our great pleasure to work with blue chip clients that would be the envy of any promotional branding company.

Onyx was founded in February 2001, and years later, our company name and brand identity still speak to the multi-faceted services that we provide with passion. Resting in its most natural state, as a chalcedony buried underground, Onyx’s absorptive properties are said to draw from the earth “that which is really needed,” which is exactly how we work with our clients.

As consultants, we first listen to our clients’ needs. Next, the best from our manufacturers and designers is shared, to provide “that which is really needed” and suggestions, ideas, and solutions are offered to “connect people to your brand.” Finally, with approval, the highest quality promotional products, marketing collateral, and/or design solutions are created & distributed to yield an optimal end result.

So what’s in a name?

With over 70 years of experience, our proven company formula is to provide “best in class” service, resources, and results. So, our answer is: what we put into it & what YOU take from it!

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to serve you over the years, and here’s to twelve more…


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