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It’s been 1 year since Onyx acquired 4U Inc. so it’s a great opportunity to celebrate Onyx’s Director of Incentives, Hank Ryan. Hank’s tenure with 4U began in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska, where he learned the business and grew the business by making one client happy at a time.  His $5M incentive client base was earned through patience, good relationships, and delivering on promises.

Until last year, there was a 10,000 ft warehouse with premium products 30 feet from Hank’s desk, but Onyx’s on demand delivery system & its powerful and flexible incentive platform have streamlined operations. As Hank explains, “Now, I can focus even more on the clients and driving measurable results. With Onyx’s on-line platform, I can be more proactive. I can spend more time to tweak program offers and strategies, knowing that I have the best global reward delivery system in the business behind me.”

Hank is fiercely dedicated to his customers, and he is passionate about creating loyalty, reward, and incentive programs that help them to reach their goals.  Happy Anniversary, Hank!