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Select Your Products

Onyx has put together a beautiful assortment of holiday gift items for the holiday season.  Choose the products that you want to offer on your site from our selection, and Onyx will build your store within 3 days, ready for launch.  Want something not in our collection?  Not a problem.  Onyx will help you source the perfect product (please note that adding new products will likely add as much as 2 days to set up).

Set Your Launch and Closing Dates

Tell us what day you want the store to be live, and the date for ordering to close.  We typically recommend no longer than 3 weeks for the shopping period, so your item has time to be carefully created.  Production will begin 3 days after the store has closed.  Making your perfect gift can take 5-15 business days, and Onyx ships directly to your recipient.  Easy!

Promote Your Pop-Up Store To Your Team

Make sure that everyone on your team knows just how easy it is to place orders through your new pop-up store.  If you would like marketing materials to help promote the store, no problem!  Onyx can provide customized email content.  You can work with your Onyx team member on the best ways to promote your store.

Or give us a call at 844-442-3699