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We hope that this note finds you and your extended family healthy and safely “Sheltered In Place”. This is certainly a time for concern for the health and safety of our loved ones.

Looking ahead to when businesses will be allowed to reopen and the economy begins to get restarted, we wanted to let you know that the production timelines for personal care products such as hand sanitizers and face coverings are significantly longer than what was “usual” before the pandemic hit our shores. It is common right now to see production schedules in these product categories in the four to six to eight week range. There are faster options (depending on your quantity needed and style preferred), but production space and raw materials are booking swiftly.

So as you develop your company’s gameplan for bringing your employee teams back to work, now is the time to start your plans for personal care items so you are at the head of the pack. Once the timelines for reopening the economy are announced, a tidal wave of orders will hit the factories and we would not be surprised to see production schedules stretch to a ten weeks or longer cycle.

Be well and stay safe.  We are here to help you as the new paradigm unfolds.