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It is said that the 2 most important days in one’s life are: the day that you are born & the day that you discover your higher purpose.  And, as this relates to the life of Onyx (born February 14, 2001), you have to look no further than our tagline to find our higher purpose.

For a brand marketing company like Onyx, with a wide range of tools to help its clients promote themselves, our tagline provides clarity of purpose for our clients AND staff, as well as offers the raison d’etre to provide best-in-class service.  No matter if we are designing custom apparel, shipping branded merchandise to international events, delivering coupon code calendars to a client for giveaway, or manufacturing a creative “gift with purchase” item, we are passionate about helping our clients to deliver memorable connections.  We are “Connecting People To Your Brand,” and we are honored to provide this meaningful service.

So, THANK YOU for choosing to be a part of the Onyx family.  We heart you, too. We wake up with the passion to be connected to you & to support you.  And, after 13 years, we are still proud to be “Connecting People To Your Brand.”