Appreciate them. Thank them. Treat them.

The last few years have changed most of us, as we’ve all endured so much. And many companies are shifting focus, and taking the time to rethink the way they are doing things. The event world has changed. The work environment has changed. And so has corporate gifting. Many corporations are not using their event and marketing budgets as they used to…and instead, are choosing to refocus and reinvest into incentivizing and rewarding their teams, customers, clients, and crews. Personally, we’ve seen the corporate gifting market take off….because, truly, there is no better time than right now, to spoil those who are working so hard on your behalf…. and often now, from home. During Covid, we took a step back to rethink our place in the market and to re-evaluate how we can better serve our current clients and prospective ones. With a lot of people now working from home, we were looking for new ways to reward and excite them, with unusual goods and items that fit more into their home environment & lifestyles.

We expanded our supplier base, and reached out to over 150 new companies… and we can now offer to you some of the latest and greatest specialty & retail products, artisan & craft goods, sustainable organic & “for good” products, and other original items that you don’t often see in the corporate world. Alongside branded products, of course. We take pride in our custom curation and merchandising …and excel in creativity.

And…we recognize that, more-than-ever, there is a need to provide customers with a high-end, single source, corporate gifting solution, for shipping to multiple recipients. So, in 2020, we launched www.SHOP …a one-stop shop…where you can SHOP beautifully curated gift boxes, made with many of these new exciting products & brands. At this online shop, you will find beautiful gifts for your clients and teams where we have specially curated over 175 gift boxes, ready to go. Just pick a box, add to your cart and pay right there, email us the mailing addresses, and wait for the gifts to be delivered, right to their door. In this process, we’ve minimized your creative time…and we take care of the rest. And if you need full customization gifting with extra service and care, we can do that too!