We work around the Globe for our Clients

Since Onyx’s inception, we’ve been sourcing from around the globe. We’ve made and sourced products in 6 continents, and we have manufacturing relationships that have stood the test of time. Onyx is able to source our products internationally for the largest selection and most competitive pricing, and we believe that makes us stand out from our competition. This also means our merchandise is original, creative and compliant, whether sourced domestically or abroad. And it also means that you have many more options to choose from.


  • Products can be completely customized including packaging.
  • Factory Direct pricing with no middle markups.
  • Products are usually fully compliant with testing documentation if requested.
  • Products can be shipped direct from factory to global locations with limited duties and tariffs.
  • Blended sourcing – Smaller domestic-based orders bring the product into stock quickly and larger overseas orders take advantage of lower manufacturing costs to complete the supply on the back-end.